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  For the next few months, the Italian club will be holding an aluminum can drive. All cans collected will be delivered to the recycle facility and the proceeds will be added to the funds available for the Morongo Basin’s Italian American Social Club. To deliver or arrange for a pickup of any scrap metal items you may want to give please leave a message at 760-365-1074. Collections will be made at your convenience and greatly appreciated.

One of our long standing members has passed. Rose Livingston, a member that always supported and helped manage the club for many years. Rose was a true Italian Lady and we’ll all miss her very much.

The Italian-American social club donated nonperishable food items to the Morongo Basin’s Unity Home as part of our yearly Christmas charity drive.

On November 5th and 6th 2011. The Italian-American social club will be holding a yard sale to raise funds for the organization. Items donated by members and nonmembers will be sold at the ( yet to be disclosed) location. If you have items to donate for the sale. You may bring them to the October meeting, items too big to transport can be picked up at your convenience. To arrange a pickup time, please leave a message at 760-365-1074 and a return call will schedule a pick up date and time. 

October 2011 -

This photo was taken as the Italian club was preparing for the Grubstakes Day Parade back in 2003. From left to right are Libby Powell, Gene and Marty Olson and in the background Terry Layton, a past president of our organization.

Recently, the man in the middle, Gene Olson has passed on to take up his rightful place in the grand scheme of things. Gene was a good man, he served his country with honor, he served his family with compassion and he served his God without question. It was always a treat to see Gene at our meetings sporting a great smile, easy conversation and a genuine interest in others. We will miss him very much and we thank his wife Marty and all his family for helping us share in the wonderful friendship of Gene Olson.

One 0f our long standing members, George Rohde, has passed through the pearly gates into the kingdom of heaven.

We will miss George tremendously, he was a good friend and a very special person.

A letter was sent and a response received from the Morongo Basin Historical Society. We requested any information pertaining to the Italian Club. The responder said she had no personal knowledge of the organization but would gladly check the records. I responded with the names and some dates of past club members and officers to aid in the search.

Any members that may have information about the beginnings or past officers, members or events could send that important history via E-mail or present it at a future meeting. I, for one, am very interested in our history and would be glad to compile it among these pages.

Got News? Send it please; E-mail

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