A Little About Our History

We are starting to gain some history of the club. A current member joined in 1973 and another remembers their entry year as 1986. Our current checking account was opened or had the signers changed in 1983 with Terry Layton and Gracie Moore signing. Terry Layton, our last past president has gone to a better place and is dearly loved and missed by all the members. Gracie Moore is still a member but poor health limits her attendance and active participation. Many other members are either now deceased or moved out of town but the membership stands strong at around 20 and growing.

The picture on our Home Page was taken the day the float was hooked up for the Grubstakes parade in which the club won first place, Memorial Day Weekend, May, 2003.

We Have A Good Time

Our history is being researched on a continuous basis. If you have any factual information of our beginnings or following follies, please send it along. We would appreciate the input and post it to our site. Thank You.


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